Client: Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)
    Event: DRDO Parliament, others
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Part Application Development
DRDO B 4_3

DRDO is an agency of the Republic of India, charged with the military's research and development. Digital Jalebi has done multiple projects with them. Due to the information sensitive nature of the projects, a video is not available.

DRDO C 4_3

DRDO often faces the challenge of explaining their cutting-edge technology to the decision-makers in Parliament. So we developed and augmented reality application for them that placed different products around the user to showcase their features. Some of the AR experiences were of a fighter plane taking off from a naval ship next to the user and then doing barrel rolls around him, a tank breaking out from the screen, a missile being fired at an enemy bunker besides the user. This was installed in an exhibition in Parliament of India for MPs(Member of Parliaments) to help them understand their technology in an interesting manner. While the 3D modelling and animations were done by my colleague, I worked on curating the AR content to be realistic and programming the application.

DRDO D 4_3

Since an AR setup isn't portable, we built multiple VR applications for showcasing DRDO's products and their features. Some of the we created in VR are Varunastra torpedo, AEWC&S aircraft, Tejas fighter plane and Arjun MBT Mk2 tank. I handled the development of project for Varunastra torpedo.

It showed a battle ship from which Varunastra is fired on detection of enemy submarine. The user then follows the torpedo into the water where all its features are shown, followed by it achieving its mark and hitting the enemy vessel.