F1 Pit Stop

    Client: Rentertainment
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Part of Ideation
  • • Interaction Design
  • • Complete Application Development
  • • Project Management
  • • Client Relations
F1_Pit_Stop B 4_3

Rentertainment is an Australian event company and has partnered with Digital Jalebi for multiple projects. They required a Virtual Reality game for F1 races that places the user in place of the pitstop crew in single player time trial or 2 people competing against each other. This project is currently under development and is a work in progress.

F1_Pit_Stop A 4_3

Initially user gets a tutorial inside the workshop where all the interactions are taught. The user has to pick up a wheel-gun to unscrew an old tyre from the vehicle, place a new one and screw it in. To mark it as done, user has to raise hand which is a common gesture in F1 to notify that the wheel has been screwed in.

Two handed control is required to pick up tyre. Can only be dragged a bit with one controller if dropped, to give sensation of weight. If released, all objects returns to original position. Intend to add haptics soon to give an extra layer or sensory feedback.