Real Estate VR

    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Application Development

This is a VR tour of a real estate property. The is a demo created for real estate clients. It allows us to view and move around a property without it even existing in the real world.

The home is modelled and setup by a colleague of mine. I've added programming for movement using a bluetooth controller and option to change wallpaper, flooring, furniture using the controller.

This is a test video of an early prototype version. In this, it can be seen that the head is approximated as a capsule and feet as cubes for physics calculations. The landscape orientation creates too much horizontal space for movement, so we went with a slightly squarish-portrait resolution using a 2 by 3 LFD screen matrix in portrait orientation. Code for bouncing the ball back from the wall edges was added to simplify the game. Also, the gravity was increased for a slightly realistic ball bouncing experience.